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Mary B. Kozik has vast experience in coaching and mentoring many people in the past 25 years as a professional even prior to her MBK Coaching practice, USA. She is a John Maxwell Certified Coach and trainer with an inherent passion and dedication to serve people and improve their lives. She aims to improve the lives of people by providing them the right coaching so that they can achieve their desired goals and harness their full potential. She has the expertise to provide leadership skills, management strategies, marketing, and communication skills, which help individuals improve their inherent attitude and behavior towards life. Nowadays, life is full of stress, and many are filled with uncertainty and fear every day. Mary B. Kozik assures that with her coaching, individuals will discover new ways of living and achieving success. Take time for 1 15-minute call to learn more about her coaching style to transform your life. In addition, Mary B. Kozik is a certified fundraising executive.

Services provided by her organization

Mary B. Kozik provides coaching, and training services that will evaluate where you are and where you would like to be. You will improve your clarity of values, purpose, goals, and vision. Her sessions will make you realize your inherent potential to do something different from others and be creative and innovative in life. She will empower your sense of freedom by changing daily behaviors. Her motivating talk has the potential to build your confidence and ensure extraordinary personal and professional growth. She provides accountability and focus to improve your performance, productivity, and success. Will work with you to build strategies for effective execution. She provides several trainings like leadership coaching, certified coaching, fund-raising coaching, life-recovery coaching, spiritual health, and executive coaching. 

Why Business Coaching?

Business coaching by Mary B. Kozik has transformed the lives of many business professionals and their teams. Initially, there are many hurdles and challenges in your business that can be overcome by opting for private coaching. Gain new confidence, motivation, and an inner desire to invest in either private coaching or group lunch and learns. Her business coaching lessons will bring a positive revolution in your life or to the life of your team.  Her coaching provides a morale boost and offers a person confidence to overcome challenges, be more creative and achieve greater success.  She will work with individuals to identify their true potential to achieve greater success individually and/or as a team. Connect with MBK Coaching and feel the difference and change in your life and the life of your team. 

Why Executive Coaching?

Many hurdles in life can be overcome by obtaining a private executive coach. At MBK coaching, Mary identifies the strengths of her clients as the focal point of their working relationship. Work with an Executive coachwill remove any inner hesitation, inhibition, fear, or lack of risk-takingand help you gain the confidence andask the right questions to move you in the right direction towards success.Executive coaching will provide you with various solutions to problems to further achieve personal growth and development in life. Mary B. Kozik coaching will challenge you to continue to make your dreams come true. She will inspire you to further create vision, self-awareness, confidence, and motivation to achieve your desired goals, improve your productivity and gain focus. Join us by connecting to MBK Coaching. The executive coach at MBK Coaching guarantees that your overall well-being and success will improve. 

Why Certified Coaching?

Mary B. Kozik is a Certified Coach and have been a coach and mentor to men and women for over 25 years.

Mary will be your confidant and work with you to change behavior that will guide you in a way that makes your everyday more productive, energizing, rewarding, and successful.

She will:

-Improve your clarity of values, purpose, goals and vision

-Build your confidence

-Provide accountability and focus for your daily new behaviors

-Identify & focus on your strengths to reach your potential, personally and professionally

-Build a daily plan for execution to achieve success

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