What is health coaching?

Like sports coach helps the athlete to develop and excel in sport, a health coach program helps individuals to excel in life, especially if they are facing any chronic medical condition. These health coaching programs are similar to talk therapy that involves two people discussing ideas and problems. However, the difference is one person is sitting at the driver’s seat and creating goals and strategies about achieving those goals. These spiritual life coaches would help in a variety of issues such as health conditions, stress reduction, improve diet plans, some kind of addiction, and adjusting to life-changing health events.

Who are health coaches?

Health coaches are behavioral change specialists helping individuals who look forward to bring changes in their lifestyle. Various health programs motivate clients and allow them to find out their unique mental and physical well-being. At MBK coaching, we maintain positive regard for the ability of our clients to change and attain their lasting behavioral change. We help our clients through powerful dialog and evidence-based coaching techniques that reach their inner strength. It is our responsibility to help individuals to achieve the holistic wellbeing of their mind, body, and soul.

You might be wondering, fitness trainers are someone who support the physical wellbeing of the individuals, and what makes health coach programs different from fitness trainers. They are primarily spiritual coaches who help them achieve their mental abilities to do the greater good.

How health coaches are different from fitness coaches?

A Fitness trainer is someone who possesses the knowledge and skills to design safe and effective fitness and health coach programs. He is responsible for helping people to achieve their fitness goals by way of assisting and instructing them in the gym. However, a spiritual life coach takes care of every dimension of an individuals’ life. Whether you are looking to improve your life physically, spiritually, emotionally, and occupationally, and helps them to improve their overall wellbeing. Our health coach programs are designed to improve your life by bringing changes in your lifestyle.

How we are different from Nutritionist?

Another question that comes to mind while talking about the health and spiritual coach is how they are different from nutritionists. Nutritionists allow clients to overcome nutritional deficiencies including various health conditions like diabetes or gluten allergy. These individuals also plan the diet chart for individuals suffering from various health conditions. However, the role of health coaching programs is comprehensive and looks after the complete wellbeing. It includes monitoring their sleep patterns, level of stress in lives, eating habits, physical activities, relationships, and the choice you make in life.

How health coaching is different from life coaching?

At MBK coaching, I serve as your life coach as well as a spiritual coach. As a life coach, I help individuals with life in general and support them in their relationships. People who require a life coach seek to get answers for a certain aspect of life, including money management, relationships, etc. However, my health coach programs allow individuals to solve their life problems and help them achieve change in their health, work, and life. These programs are more about improving the mindset of people and take them towards happier life and future. If you have any such issues, I am just a call away.  

What is our commitment as your spiritual life coach?

A spiritual life coach would help you shift gears from being a victim to someone who can take responsibility for his life. The spiritual coach will help take your focus away from negativity and guide you to take charge of your life with positivity. Our experts understand the need to shift your thinking from despair to appreciation.

In life, people struggle with various challenges. Some people might have lost the love of their life or maybe experiencing a mid-life crisis and may not be comfortable talking about the same to others due to the fear of judgment. Our health coaching programs will help you feel safe and secure while opening to our coach. There are no judgments, concerns, or any other issue, we focus on deepening your faith, and sense of spirituality. Our coach would listen to you, and serve as your guide to help you grow and overcome those issues mentally.

We help you when you feel stuck.

Whenever we are too engaged with chaos associated with life, we see our world with a different perspective, make judgments and victimize ourselves by negative views about life. When things do not work, we even blame the almighty or the universe for the things happening to us. As a spiritual coach, we help you discover your energetic and spiritual blocks towards happiness. Don’t’ worry, if you have any problems in your life, speak to our advisor and book your session. We are always happy to help.