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My Promises to you

My promise to you. I will help you:

Help you gain clarity on what’s important to you


Discover the inner voice that is calling you — your true giftedness — your purpose


Discover your values that align with what’s important to you to help you gain further clarity


Discovery how your values align with your greater purpose and passion


Create a plan that makes you want to get out of bed to achieve your dreams and greatest potential

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Mary B. Kozik Certified Coach

I am John Maxwell Certified Coach and Trainer – dedicated to serving your individual needs. I help individuals to create the life they desire and deserve.
I offer one-on-one coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, group coaching, and leadership growth seminars, aiding personal and professional growth.
Having trained and mentored thousands of professionals throughout my 25 years as a high-level leadership executive, it is my promise to you to work together to make an immense difference in your life. I will make sure that you have the tools to achieve your potential to attain greater fulfillment in your life.

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Are you looking for clarity because you are not sure "what's next" in your life? Filled with uncertainty? Find a Coach who has also been where you have been and can provide solutions.

If ever you feel stuck in your life or you feel you are paralyzed from fear, self-doubt, guilt or indecision, then it is time for you to talk with a certified coach. A certified coach will work with you and evaluate where you are and where you would like to be, as well as improve your clarity of values, purpose, goals and vision.  Only to empower your sense of freedom. This new journey of self discovery builds confidence, as it discovers the amazing potential within you.
A coach will meet with you initially and ask the right questions to discover where you are and build on your strengths and hidden potential within to discover your true purpose and desires. Together, we will work with you to identify appropriate steps and put a plan together. I will walk with you on your journey of transformation.

Mary has great experience in helping people be the best that they can be — to discover their hidden brilliance and reach the place in their life where they are living from a place of want. No longer being held back by fear and uncertainty! In both her personal, professional and coaching career, she has helped many individuals to make the right choices and achieve their extraordinary authentic self. She is looking forward to working with you, today.

Know how a Certified Coach Can help you achieve your greatest potential

A certified coach will work on growing yourself as an individual and/or as well as a professional. Your coach can help you make result-oriented strategies to ensure you achieve your purpose-driven potential in life – both personally and professionally. In this regard, you can completely rely on Mary and MBK Coaching as she has led and managed organizations and professionals and helped them achieve their goals and dreams. With MBK Coaching, you will understand that:

  • You have unlimited capabilities, potential, and strength to fulfill your dreams.
  • Make the right choices that help you grow yourself and your profits.
  • Discover your true potential and purpose in life.
  • Understand your capabilities to achieve a new level of living.
  • Achieve your goals, dreams, and aspirations.

As your private coach, Mary will be your confidant and guide you in a way that makes your everyday more productive, energizing, rewarding, and successful. She will work with you to:

  • Evaluate where you are and where you would like to be
  • Improve your clarity of values, purpose, goals and vision
  • Empower your sense of freedom by changing daily behaviors
  • Build your confidence and ensure personal & professional growth
  • Provide accountability and focus
  • Identify & focus on your strengths to reach your potential
  • Improve your performance, productivity, and success
  • Build a daily plan for implementation to achieve success

MBK Coaching has many years of experience and expertise in helping different individuals to reach the place they always desired. The certified coach Mary B. Kozik is well capable of understanding individual needs and hence offering a solution that helps you grow in your life to achieve your purpose-driven happiness. Mary is always eager to assist you on your journey towards your goals and dreams.

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